We are a visionary PR & Brand Consultancy transforming brands in the fitness, wellness, and lifestyle industry.

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Luxley was created to redefine the PR and brand consultancy landscape. Having seen too many people and brands be over-promised and under-served, Luxley launched with a mission to change this.

We are a non-traditional agency who are agile and forward thinking. By employing innovative strategies and unconventional thinking we deliver impactful services which help our clients thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

what we do

We know that in the fast-paced world we live in, effective communication is key to success.

We are a dedicated team of experts who are deeply passionate about the industry we work in, and we understand our target audiences intimately. As industry change-makers, our market-leading consultancy services, skills in crafting standout media opportunities, and influential brand connections have a transformative impact on the voice and reach of those we work with.

who we are

We are committed to amplifying the voices and positive impact of inspiring brands and individuals.

By working shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in their respective fields, we can actively contribute to the success of their work and missions on a global scale, pushing boundaries and driving impactful change.

At Luxley, we act as an extension of our clients teams, becoming passionate ambassadors for them. We will go above and beyond to build and protect their brand and reputation.

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Our diverse client portfolio of industry leaders sets us apart.

Our clients


“Working with Luxley is the dream; they come up with incredible exclusive angles, know exactly what I will need to land a story in the most exclusive publications and go above and beyond to show their clients off to their absolute best. Luxley delivers a totally bespoke and personal service, with such intuitive understanding of every stakeholder's needs - anticipating them before I even know them myself.”

Jessica Salter, Freelance journalist writing for Financial Times, Vogue, Telegraph, Sunday Times Style, Times2, Sunday Times Business, Grazia

"The team at Luxley are a pleasure to work with. They are so well connected with the media and have briefed journalists on the Jennis brand with such attention to detail - the subsequent coverage has been amazing. They work very much as part of our team and always go the extra mile."

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

“Luxley are well connected, hot on detail and with an exceptional ability to translate client visions and messages into compelling media stories. As journalists know - this isn't always the same thing! As well as being brilliant and innovative collaborators, they are always available, cheerful and a delight to know.”

Alice Smellie, leading journalist for top UK lifestyle publications and newspapers

"Katie and her team are a dream to work with and support us on so many levels. As a new business, it can be daunting to know where to start and to even get looked at from magazines and companies, but Luxley seems to know everyone in the industry and are so generous in introducing our brand to them. I genuinely look forward to a phone call or email with exciting news for us, featuring in Vogue, GQ, newspapers or a great collaboration secured. Thank you Luxley, you have helped us make a mark for ourselves in such a competitive market.”

Laura Beckford - Supernova Living

“Dynamic, inspired and truly creative, Luxley understood my brand and vision inside out. Exceptionally well connected, for the 10 years we worked together I got complete dedication and the results spoke for themselves.”

Marcus Wareing

"Working with the amazing team at Luxley has been monumental for our business growth and success. Luxley have helped gain us coverage across every major UK publication, something we only dreamed of. It's rare to find a team so authentic, approachable, passionate and driven who sync so well with their clients. We would not be anywhere without their ongoing support. We are very grateful for everything they’ve done.”

Stuart Sandeman, Founder of Breathpod

“As the wellness industry now stands, with unprecedented levels of growth and innovation, brands need more than just expertise in communications and PR strategy. Katie and her team raise the bar by integrating the depth of industry knowledge and unique insight needed to rise about the noise! They don’t just tell the brand story, they live and breathe it, which is why we wouldn’t go anywhere else for support. Smart, savvy and strategic? Yes. But Luxley are more than that. They just get it; which means we can get on with doing what we do best.”

Lauren Armes, Founder of WelltoDo and leading business coach for wellness experts

Our approach is rooted in creativity, innovation, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing trends.

In an era of change and relentless news cycles we know that it is crucial to be agile and responsive, and that is exactly what we offer our clients.

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve, connecting with the most influential writers and creators, and consistently delivering exceptional services.

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