“As the wellness industry now stands, with unprecented levels of growth and innovation, brands need more than just expertise in communications and PR strategy. Katie and her team raise the bar by integrating the depth of industry knowledge and unique insight needed to rise about the noise! They don’t just tell the brand story, they live and breath it, which is why we wouldn’t go anywhere else for support with showcasing Welltodo to our desired audience. Smart, savvy and strategic? Yes. But Luxley are more than that. They just get it; which means we can get on with doing what we do best.”

Lauren Armes, Founder of Welltodo Global

“Throughout my 12-year career in fitness I’ve worked with multiple PR agencies that have a template for how THEY think your PR journey should develop. Luxley are a different breed and for that reason I’m done; I’ve found my PR for life. Luxley understand brands but also the humans behind them. It’s that knowledge that gives the backbone of your story and it works beautifully. There is no rush, they take time to become part of your brand, your team, your business and that unique position allows them to present a unique strategy and they always over deliver. They are the ‘go the extra mile agency’. Undisputable.”

Niko Algieri, Founder of Equilibrium

“An absolute pleasure to work with – the team always delivers great stories with unique angles and makes a point of getting to know a journalist well and exactly what they need. They’re also unfailingly professional and cheery. If only all PR companies had the Luxley touch!”

Alix O’Neill, Freelance journalist for ES Magazine, The Telegraph, Standard, Stella, Grazia, Marie Claire

“As a small start-up company we were too consumed by managing and running our business to think much about PR.  We didn’t think we needed someone else to get our message out and even if we did, we didn’t think anyone else could understand us properly anyway. Then we found Luxley and we were immediately struck by how understanding they were of our budgets and the time they spent really getting to know our product. The results have been amazing. We have been published in places we only ever dreamed of, been on prime time evening news… Our message has now reached far and wide and we are suddenly at capacity. Instead of seeking customers we are having to manage demand. Luxley have done an amazing job.”

James and Leanna Barrett, Founders of Little Forest Folk

“Luxley know our market and what consumers are looking for in this area incredibly well. The team at Luxley totally understand my brand and vision and they are exceptionally well connected and highly strategic. I couldn’t think of a better company to look after us.”

Stephen Price of SP&Co and BodySPace

“Luxley is always a pleasure to work with. They give me great stories and interviews which are always well thought out. A shining light in the industry.”

Tony Turnbull, The Times

“As a new business Luxley worked very closely with us to target the right press, opinion makers and collaboration partners – we’ve seen a marked increase in awareness and credibility amongst our peer group.  A great team with a great ethos, we love working with them.”

Claire Finlay, Owner of Transition Zone Studio

“Luxley are not only inspirational and amazingly well-connected but they have also opened our eyes to new ideas and opportunities. They really care about us and are proud of us – I thoroughly enjoy being so well supported by the team and it is great to work with a company whose MD is so hands on and involved.”

Carol Evelegh, Owner and Principal of The Kindergartens

“We have had the pleasure of working with Luxley Communications over the years and have always found them to be creative, enthusiastic and enterprising in their approach and one of the most professional PR teams in town.”

Paula Fitzherbert, PR Director, Maybourne Hotel Group

“It’s awesome to work with a team who just “get” what we do. Proactive, connected and always fun to work with, Luxley are by far the best PR agency I have worked with.”

Patrick Drake, co-founder of HelloFresh

“Luxley takes a fresh and unique approach to our brand and its place in the luxury market.  They go above and beyond traditional PR and have provided us with a number of fantastic strategic marketing and brand partnership initiatives. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

James Shotton. Founder and Owner, Skytime Jets