At the heart of everything are our clients

It’s ok to be picky… because we are. Luxley only works with those who we truly believe in, and are genuinely passionate about. We are a family who works together, does business together and celebrates success together.

We do it for the love of it

At Luxley we believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do – and we sure do love it! We work with the best and take real pride in delivering nothing but the very best.  If you want innovative, direct, creative, like-minded thinkers and all-round PR and brand enthusiasts then you’ve come to the right place. Making sure our finger stays on the pulse with everything our audiences and clients need, we are proud to see things develop from start to finish. Adding our Luxley love along the way.

“Luxley is always a pleasure to work with. They give me great stories and interviews which are always well thought out. A shining light in the industry.”

Tony Turnbull, The Times

We’re in the people business

At the heart of Luxley are two key things, our clients and our team. We are both lucky and proud to have a strong and loyal team of ‘Luxers’ who are not only the very best in what they do but also some the nicest people around. Supreme skills and bags of personality, that is #theluxleyway

We get involved in everything

There is no such thing as too much in our world. We go above and beyond for our clients, adding value every step of the way as we support them on their journey – to greatness!