2018 #SmearForSmear

#SmearForSmear Well January went off with a bang didn’t it?  No slow and easy start to the new year at Luxley HQ as we were very  much focused on asking as many people as was humanly possible to smear their lipstick and take a photo of it for their social media.  Why? It was all […]

We have some news – our new Fitness, Wellness & Beauty division is up and ‘running’!

As you may (or may not, but do now!) know team Luxley are a teeny, tiny bit passionate about health, fitness, wellness and all things beauty. So… we are super EXCITED to share that we have launched a new Fitness, Wellness and Beauty division!! We have some SERIOUSLY kick *** clients who we couldn’t be happier […]

Finding time for well-being at work…

One of the founding principles of Luxley is that we have a great work/life balance and with the upcoming launch of our  new Fitness, Wellness and Beauty division we like to practice what we preach.  Here some of the Luxers give you their top tips on incorporating well-being into the working week: Sophie: “I make […]

HelloFresh Go – don’t mind if I do…

Ohh it has been a busy exciting few weeks at Luxley as we have helped HelloFresh launch their brand new, super amazing, product HelloFresh Go into Sainsburys. We had a three day event bonanza including Luxers dropping some super special media some super special gifts! So what’s all the fuss about you may ask… Say […]

Box B*tch!

Go on, we know you have always loved a bit of boxing burlesque! Following the huge success of their inaugural Boxing event ‘Fight Night’ in January, leading HIIT studio Transition Zone is back with another fit, fierce and sassy boxing event. They have partnered with BLUSH & BLOW & martial arts expert Lily Priggs to create […]