Finding time for well-being at work…

One of the founding principles of Luxley is that we have a great work/life balance and with the upcoming launch of our  new Fitness, Wellness and Beauty division we like to practice what we preach.  Here some of the Luxers give you their top tips on incorporating well-being into the working week:

Sophie: “I make the time to meditate every day – 15 minutes in the morning really helps me to focus on the day ahead. I also find that it’s when I’m most busy that I need to dedicate the time to it, even 3-5 minutes makes a real difference.  There are some really good apps out there to help get you into it at the beginning – Headspace, Calm and Breathe are just a few examples.”

Katie: “I live for my weekly PT sessions at Transition Zone – it’s the only part of my week which is just about me – no phones, no emails and I know that I’m doing something really positive for myself.  I try and find time in my working day to get to the gym as life’s so hectic that I’m much more likely to go when I’ve scheduled my day around it.”

Pippa:  “I’m really getting back into running at the moment – I’ve found a local running group which gives me the push to put my trainers on. I also try and walk wherever I can. I get off the tube a stop early (if I’m not running late!) and power walk into the office, to meetings, to lunch – except when it’s raining, I’m not afraid to admit I’m a fair-weather girl.”

Georgie: “Í used to dance a lot when I was younger and am loving the new dance classes that are popping up all over London at the moment – the music video at Frame is a particular favourite and I’ve also rediscovered ballet which was a bit scary at first but it’s just about putting yourself out there, giving it a go and realising no one’s going to laugh at you.”